Am I wrong in wanting to leave my abusive boyfriend

Tridha | Posted on 19 Apr 2017
Counsellor : Snigdha Mishra
Leaving an abusive relationship
Am I wrong in wanting to leave my abusive boyfriend

Question: Hello ma'am, my boyfriend assaults me when is angry. Also, he never feels sorry about it. Now I want to move on. I have been facing this abuse since one year and have asked him to change several times, but now I think he will not change. Am I doing something wrong if I want to call it quits with him?




You are doing nothing wrong by wishing to move out of this abusive relationship. If he is abusive, only he can stop himself. There is nothing in the world that should force you to be in an abusive relationship of any nature. 

A relationship is built on mutual respect, trust, space and open communication. Look for and build upon these when in a relationship, romantic or otherwise. Whoever your relationship is with – husband or boyfriend – it is always is a between two people, and both have to contribute to make it work. One person singularly, will be unable to sustain and build a healthy one.

An abusive relationship is a burden that you will carry if you do not get out of it. It may affect your mood, self- respect and personality. Also, most people would wish to be in a loving and respectful relationship. Your willingness to move out of this is an indication of the same. Seek help of a therapist if you need help moving on.


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