How to cope with external stress during a breakup

Prani | Posted on 10 Oct 2016
Counsellor : Prachi Vaish
How To Deal With External Stress During A Breakup

Q: How should I handle stress and furious behaviour of others at work when I am already dealing with my break up? It hurts me emotionally a lot.

A: Dear Prani, I'm sorry to hear that you’ve had a break up. I can understand how raw and on edge you must be feeling. On top of that, suddenly everything seems to start moving in the wrong direction, doesn’t it? As for your question, what I would advise you is that every time you encounter something that annoys you, ask yourself, would I have reacted this way if it were an average day and I wasn’t dealing with my own emotions? More often than not you’ll find that the answer is no. When we are dealing with our own struggles, we become susceptible to cognitive errors – faulty ways of thinking. Our perception of the world gets coloured by our emotional turmoil and we react more to things we would normally be able to let go. So when you feel like you’re losing it, just drop everything for two minutes, take five deep breaths, ask yourself if this would be your usual reaction to that particular situation, and then wait for the answer. I hope you heal soon!

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