After 6 years, I'm not sure if I love him any more

Nisha | Posted on 11 Jan 2017
Counsellor : Prachi Vaish
After 6 years, I'm not sure if I love him any more

Q: I’ve been in a relationship for the past 6 years but now I don’t feel the same for him. I’m confused. I know he loves me and he is trying his best, but I don’t know what to do.

A: Hi there, It's actually quite normal to feel that you're sort of falling out of love after spending a few years with someone but before you take a drastic step, you must make sure if you're really falling out of love or are you simply bored? "I don't feel the same for him" can mean a lot of things. Of course, you cannot feel the "same" because you've spent 6 years together and grown together as individuals and as a couple...the initial raw passion gives way to companionship and security and comfort and the priorities of a relationship also grow and mature. If it is excitement you're craving and your partner appears to be inclined to try his best, then come up with some new ideas, explore new places together, indulge in a new hobby together like a mixology class (if you drink) or wine tasting, karaoke, even something as simple as a DIY wall project! Sometimes, we mistake the loss of excitement for the loss of love and take hasty decisions after jumping to conclusions. Think hard about what it is you're lacking. All the best!


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