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Ask Deepak | I Love Her. How To Help Her Get Out Of An Abusive Relationship? | Bonobology

I love someone in an abusive marriage but she does not want to leave it

Name Withheld Posted on : 04 Sep 2016

Let her make the decision to leave of her own choice, change your feelings to compassion.

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Ask Deepak | He Is Confused About Dating. What To Do? | Bonobology

Why are we so Close to Each Other and Yet so Far Apart?

Anukriti Posted on : 31 Jul 2016

It takes time, space and introspection to solve any kind of confusion one is going through in life.

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Ask Deepak | How Do I Help My Wife Who Is A Compulsive Liar? | Bonobology

How Do I Deal with a Wife who is Constantly Lying?

Name Withheld Posted on : 27 Jul 2016

Compulsive lying is one of the major symptoms of low self-esteem.

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Ask Deepak | How Do I Bridge The Gap Created By Physical Distancec In My Relationship? | Bonobology

Distance is taking a toll on my relationship. How do I bridge the gap?

Rajesh, Kanpur Posted on : 16 May 2016

Do keep a few rules in mind for a long distance relationship to work, and to bridge the communication gap.

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