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My liberal parents oppose my inter-religious marriage

Sabya Posted on : 16 Jun 2017

Try to speak with your parents. If you are an adult and sure that you both have what it takes to go ahead with an inter-religious marriage, then do go ahead.

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I love my husband but we have issues

Rumi R Posted on : 05 Jun 2017

Tell your husband to be sensitive with his words. Work on your self too. A fight happens between two people.

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Help me stop the sexual thoughts I have for my aunt. I don’t want them.

Sunny Posted on : 02 Jun 2017

You suffer from obsessive intrusive thoughts. Meet a Clinical Psychologist for this, do not delay.

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Should I marry for love or for my parents?

Simi Posted on : 23 May 2017

Think about your own values, what you want from life, your preparedness for marriage and then take a decision

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Husband may throw me, daughter out one day

Seema Posted on : 22 May 2017

Start by beginning to take care of your own happiness. Seek financial independence for yourself. Remember whatever you do, you are a role model to your daughter.

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Haunted by childhood abuse, how do I move forward?

Zaan Posted on : 09 May 2017

You deserve happiness. Find a job to help your sense of self-worth. Meet a psychologist to help heal the pain.

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Boyfriend’s mother emotionally blackmailing him to not marry me, what should I do?

Name Withheld Posted on : 03 May 2017

Speak with your partner. Think it through together. You are adults and if are on the same page, there shouldn’t be a problem.

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हमारा विवाह हाल ही में हुआ है लेकिन कई समस्याएं हैं- मुझे क्या करना चाहिए

रंजीनी Posted on : 26 Apr 2017

इसका जवाब इस बात पर निर्भर करता है कि क्या आप रहना चाहते हैं या छोड़ना चाहते हैं?

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My boyfriend of eight years left me when his mother who is ill, refused to support our marriage

Name Withheld Posted on : 21 Apr 2017

Try to solve your problem by speaking with your boyfriend, if it still doesn’t work out maybe it is time to move on

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My father is having an affair, what should mom do?

Name Withheld Posted on : 18 Apr 2017

Speak to your mother to find out what she would like. She can seek legal recourse and also psychological counselling for her pain.

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