What to do when a spouse shares bedroom secrets with friends, and causes embarrassment? Our expert speaks...

Has your spouse made a poor choice when it comes to sharing your intimate secrets? Psychologist Deepak Kashyap provides expert guidance for all your relationship issues

Team Bonobology | Posted on 04 May 2016
Relationship Advice: When a spouse shares bedroom secrets with a common groups of friends and they betray her, it becomes tricky

I have been married for three years now and only recently I got to know that my wife has been sharing our bedroom secrets with my best friend. I had introduced them two years ago and I'm not sure when they started discussing all this. I was left embarrassed in our friends’ circle when my best friend mockingly spilled one of my secrets. How should I deal with both of them?

So your wife, with all her good intentions, might have made a poor choice in the friend she chose. It is understandable that you feel hurt and confused.  Your feelings being valid, now we can talk about the probable course of action you can take.

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Mira: Well, women loves to talk

Team Bonobology: Communication with one's spouse is an indispensable aspect :)


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