On flirting as a way to get reassurance, and divorce changing something deep inside us...our expert speaks

Psychologist Deepak Kashyap provides expert advice and guidance for your relationship issues

Team Bonobology | Posted on 02 Mar 2016
Deepak Kashyap answers relationship queries

My husband has a glad eye. While most of the social flirting is acceptable by me, I don't like it when he tends to linger a little too longer at a party with a young woman or lean over to talk to her. Am I being paranoid?

Flirting is essentially our species’ way of sizing each other up in order to possibly pursue an alliance of sexual or romantic nature. However, for a lot of people, the process in itself is quite gratifying. They may not want to pursue the trail any further than the reassurance they get from being flirted back with. When someone lets you flirt with them and/or flirts back, that person is indirectly and subconsciously choosing to spend an intimate psychological space with you. In that space both of them make each other feel important and desired at many levels. 

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