From a couple's privacy in a joint family to getting a mother's approval for love marriage...our expert speaks

Psychologist Deepak Kashyap provides expert advice and guidance for your relationship issues

Team Bonobology | Posted on 08 Mar 2016
Deepak Kashyap answers your relationship queries | Communication is the key

I am engaged to a boy who has lived in a joint family all his life. They have spent their lives in a one room-kitchen sort of a flat, and shared a toilet with their neighbours. My fiancé is very comfortable with this setup and wants to continue living in this house. But I don’t think I can handle it.

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I am a 28-year-old man, in love with my cousin for a few years now.The affair had been a secret until now.We decided to break the news to our family, and get married.  Most family members were surprisingly cool about it. Except my mother.

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