An Extramarital Affair but happily married? | Bonobology

An extramarital happily ever after?

Akhila Vijaykumar
Akhila Vijaykumar
Posted on : 21 Dec 2016

What if you are in love, but with someone other than whom you're married to?

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Happily Married Couple Affairs | Cheating and Chatting | Bonobology

Is indifference or disrespect equivalent to cheating on spouse?

Lokesh Dharmani
Lokesh Dharmani
Posted on : 29 Aug 2016

Research suggests that a lot of couples stray in marriage not only because of sexual desires, but unfulfilled emotional needs too

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Finding & Losing The Perfect Love | Bonobology

Finding love, letting go and longing forever after

Arjun Verma
Arjun Verma
Posted on : 27 Jun 2016

Arjun Verma recreates a personally significant evening using the third person narrative, and tells a tale of finding love and letting it go

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