Do you want to meet?

Neeraj Chawla
Neeraj Chawla
Posted on : 08 Feb 2017

The online stranger she's been chatting with wants to meet her…

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Is the virtual world replacing real-life relationships?

Tuli Banerjee
Tuli Banerjee
Posted on : 03 Feb 2017

Lekha Menon posed a question on Bonobology's community forum asking if social media is leading to infidelity. Bonobology readers share their...

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In search of an affair

Tapan Mozumdar
Tapan Mozumdar
Posted on : 11 Jan 2017

He met her online and was thrilled to get a chance to meet her in real life. Would the meeting live up to his expectations?

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When I met her again after nineteen years

Shine Syamaladevi
Shine Syamaladevi
Posted on : 01 Nov 2016

Neither had had the courage to speak up when they first knew each other. Meeting again after nineteen years, how do they react?

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Was she Wrong for Wanting to Meet her Ex the Night before her Wedding?

Joie Bose
Joie Bose
Posted on : 12 Aug 2016

Poet and writer Joie Bose writes about a bride-to-be wondering if she could be prone to adultery

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Why Marilyn Monroe continues to haunt, charm and intrigue millions

Raksha Bharadia
Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 10 Apr 2016

Raksha Bharadia talks about the many and varied reasons why she, as also millions of men and women across the world, are fascinated by the i...

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