Finding someone special outside marriage in a friendship

They were close friends and colleagues but it all changed one moonlit night

Shivi Goyal | Posted on 14 Mar 2017
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Married but in Love with a Friend | Bonobology

(Names changed to protect identities)

Life is unexpected and full of escapades we never expect!

It is like a roller coaster ride for all relationships. But the moments that are unvoiced in a relationship remain with us till we die …

For five years I never encountered anything unusual in my relationship with my husband. Everything was perfect and peaceful and I believed this was my destiny. Felt like heaven being married and considered my husband to be the perfect love I was looking for. I thought this was love that will last forever. But life behaves like a moron at times. I was in an impression of pure love until I met him (Prithvi). I happened to experience the sigh of love with him which was apparently the purest form of love and I think it will last forever. I’m sure lot many of you will be able to connect with your own journey as well!

He (Prithvi) was a charming and intelligent married man. He was my best friend forever. He used to work with me in the same company and we shared things on a personal note as well. We were the craziest friends ever and our madness used to reach heights with adventure and fun almost all the time. He was an enigmatic man, with plenty of reasons to make me smile. Years of true and genuine friendship between Prithvi and me turned into a passionate love story.

I remember the full moon night with twinkling stars! We sat on the terrace for long chatting and gazing at the blushing moon.

Then something unexpected happened. His eyes went different and hands had a subtle touch. I never experienced this touch before from him. He brought me closer, held my hands and kissed my forehead.

I felt like this is eternal, is this love? Or it is just passion to be together? Or maybe we got attracted to each other as we were friends!

The night blessed us with a feeling which we both hadn’t experienced before. The moment made me feel the love and passion that was engraved in to our souls for each other under the skin of friendship. It was the moment which was meant to happen, that left us with many unsaid things in our relationship.  We felt untainted love! 

The night passed and it was hard for him to face and vice versa. We did nothing wrong but the unspoken love that spurred within us was making it tough for us to face each other. I was smiling within, blushing and felt the warmth of love like never before.

For a few days we both kept busy with work snatching some time in between for ourselves. But things were different now, we were not just friends, we had so many things to share and talk about the relationship we encountered and the feeling of love which bloomed in our hearts, thinking what to name it!

But we never got a chance to admit it, or knowingly we avoided it. Yes, his eyes said a lot, my actions said all, his texts and messages said that he in love! He wanted to shout aloud to the world that he was in love, but our current lives restrained us. We tried hard to stop ourselves and not to disturb the current life. But love is always in air and the feeling of finding someone special at this juncture in life was out of the world.

Months passed, we hardly speak or meet now. I remain stuck with my family issues and he’s busy working. He misses me and I miss him, but due to societal stigma and respect for each other’s families and our love we control ourselves.

Our relationship used to complete the vacuum of current life. Now we are not in touch but I hope that the day will come when removing all boundaries we can be together again the way we were and can name our relationship. I sit alone and think of him as I just have memories left and I believe Prithvi does the same. We have no sight of each other but I live in the hope of meeting again and declaring our unsaid relationship, which is still alive.

(As told to Shivi Goyal)


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angel: you just get one life!!stop fooling yourself and your spouse n live for what really makes you happy!!

angel: you just get one life!!stop fooling yourself and your spouse n live for what really makes you happy!!


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