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Writing For Bonobology.com

The content on Bonobology.com deals with couple relationships and falls under the broad categories of Dating, Love & Romance, Marriage, Sex & Passion, Divorce & Breakups, Affairs, LGBT, Live-In Relationships & Polyamory. We are looking for real stories that fall under these categories and deal with aspects of couple relationships. Once you submit your story, the editorial team will check it for alignment with the vision of Bonobology. Changes may be made to the piece - starting with the title to editing and improving the copy. We’ll be able to inform you only once the story is published on the portal . We’d love to but intermittent communication on the date of publication will not be possible. Once the story is selected, there may be a waiting period before it is published on the portal.
Please read the Brief for Writers below, to help you write your Bonobology story.
1. We only publish real experiences experienced or seen first hand. You can change names/scenario to protect privacy (of the people involved). We do not carry fiction pieces, listicles or opinion pieces.
2. The story should be between 500-700 words.
3. Copyrights: We will retain the copyright of the story since the writing assignments are paid. The story can be shared on your own site/blog freely (after two months of it being exclusively on our website) with a link that says it was first published at Bonobology.com with the url link of the same. If you wish to republish the story on any other site or in print, do please seek permission from Bonobology and you can publish the first 2 paragraphs only along with the link to the url of your piece on Bonobology.com. And a line that says that This article was originally written for Bonobology.com
4. Works also have to be unpublished and written exclusively for Bonobology.
5. With your submission please send us a short profile (roughly 50 words) in third person, a recent photograph (medium resolution, portrait, with face showing), social media IDs, and your blog/website link. We may accept changed names/concealed identities only for circumstances such as domestic abuse, LGBTQ, stories of extra marital affairs and the like. In keeping with our tagline - Real Couples Real Conversations - we wish to keep it believable.

We are looking forward to your stories!

Disclaimer: The information, views, and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Bonobology.