10 Bollywood Breakup Songs To Make You Feel Good

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Breakups are hard to get over. It doesn’t happen overnight and the pain can be quite crazy for some. People say music heals. So why not create a list of breakup songs that’d get you through this maddening period of your life and make you feel good about yourself and your current state of mind?

We have created a Bollywood breakup songs playlist just to make you feel better

  • Hungama Ho Gaya – Queen

First thing first, this song is so energetic and peppy, for a few minutes you’ll be tempted to dance like a hippie in your bedroom. Moreover, ‘Hungama ho gaya’ is quite literally a mood, don’t you think? With the break up happening, ‘Hungama’ is bound to follow in your life for a while so let this song play on.

  • Break Up Song – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Dil pe Patthar rakh ke Maine make-up kar liya, mere saiyaan ji se aaj maine break up kar liya<,’ should be an everyday mantra you tell yourself after your breakup. Wake up, make-up and show up. It’s going to be alright, buddy! I mean if Anushka Sharma and Ranbir Kapoor are dancing on a ‘breakup’ song, well then I am pretty sure, life’s going to get better for you soon.

  • Chor Bazari – Love Aaj Kal

Chor Bazari happens to be just perfect for this time. Plus it’s not time to listen to sad Bollywood songs right now so this will do.

Know the rest of the songs that will get you through your breakup by watching the video, now!

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