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10 cute Post-it notes to keep in your husband’s office bag to surprise him

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Keeping the romance alive after marriage is a difficult business. Juggling between your works, household management, raising the kids, investing for retirement and taking care of aging parents, romance take a back seat as we don’t find the time to plan surprises for each other. This is where the Post-it notes come in handy. It’s personal, romantic, take up less than a minute to write one and your husband will love it! Check out 10 cute post-it ideas to put in your husband’s bag the next time he leaves for work and be ready to get a loving lunch-time phone call from him.


1.  Let him know how much you miss his butt. It will totally boost his productivity at work as he will try his best to come back home early for the ‘butt hug’!

touch your butt
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2. Let him know that you are still thinking about him. He knows already, but he would love hearing it over and again, everyday.

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3. Let him know how happy, safe and content he makes you feel. Keep the note in the lunch box compartment of his office bag to brighten up the rest of his workday.

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4. Let him know how much you are missing his warmth. If you are lucky, he might surprise you with a steamy foot massage once he comes home. And who wouldn’t love that?

My rocking husband
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5. Let him know how much he means to you. Finding this cute note in his bag will set his mood right for work.

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6. Let him know how seriously you take your job as his wife. Chances are he might try to wrap up work early to come home and appease his appetite!

hungry or horny
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7. Bring out your creative side and let him know with this super cute note how much you rock together as a couple. Especially if he loves Mac and Cheese.

Super hot
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8. Let him know how much you want him right now. Follow up on your invitation by sexting him later.

sexy love
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9. Let him know you are horny for him. Nothing will set his mood better on a stressful weekday!

Miss u
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10. This Christmas let him know how much you are waiting for the holidays to reveal his awesome package. Knowing that you still have the hots for him will pump up his energy.

you are my present
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Don’t let domesticity kill the joy of surprising each other. Buy a Post-it note pad today and rekindle the romance. It works!

Tell us in the comments section if you have tried any of these.

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