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10 questions that could seem funny in a marriage


1. Who would rise and who would fall

if husband is short and wife is tall?

2. Would life be a total mess

is she earns more and he earns less?

3. If she could drive and he could not

Would it really matter a lot?

4. If she went to work and he stayed home

would it tickle the world’s funny bone?

5. If she didn’t thread her moustache and his face was silky smooth

would giggles on grooming be considered rude?

6. If he was a teetotaller and she drank the beer

who’d be bracketed under the queer?

7. If her parents stayed with them and his never did

who would then blow the lid?

8. If her name was first in the joint bank account

to how many furrowed eyebrows would that amount?

9. If she popped the question first and he smiled and looked away

oh my God, what would people say?

10. If baarat comprised the family of the girl

Would his entire life be in a whirl?

Would people really ever stop

Because all these people talk a lot!

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