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10 relationship memes that define your love life

If you and your SO haven’t sent these memes to each other, what have you done lately?
The meme culture has gone viral and what other way to express your love for your partner than keeping up with the latest trend?

1. The love you feel when you are totally gushing about your partner.

Cute happy baby
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2. For the love of your life, to tell her she lights up your world like no one else.

you light me up
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3. To let your SO know that you have built a future in your head with him/her.

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4. Attention from bae is a must. No shortcuts whatsoever.

Irritated will smith
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5. “That’s a whole lot of attitude you throwing here, my love.” – This meme to let him know unnecessary yelling will get him nowhere.

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Quick bites

6. For the comfortable couples out there who have been through thick and thin and in their spare time they get together solely for silently judging and indulging in harmless gossip (and making fun).

kim and jade together
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7. When food is more or less everything in your relationship with your girl.

do not worry about cheating
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8. ‘Cause bae is life and you need bae in your life. All the time.

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9. What says Happy Anniversary better than a classical meme that proves your funny side with a touch of awesomeness?


10. When you realise how far into the relationship you are…and you’re not complaining.

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