10 tantalising images by Frida Castelli that will rekindle your erotic desires

Shobha Mahapatra

Frida Castelli is a Milan-based artist who uses spine-chilling erotica to deal with the long distance relationship with her boyfriend. She fills the void in her sexual and romantic life by trying to capture the pain and pleasure of her relationship on an empty canvas.
“Each artwork is a celebration of love for my man,” Castelli tells The Creators Project.
Here are ten beautiful creations of her imagination from her Instagram account that will fill you with ecstasy.

Greeting your love with a sensual kiss.

Lost in that infinite moment.

When you want it as much as he does.

Let’s celebrate the little moments.

Touch has its own magic.

That pleasure-pain moment.

That tingling sensation.

Trying to make the connection between body and soul.

How lonely it is without him.

The best end to a night.

For more erotic sparks, visit Frida Castelli on her Instagram account.


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