10 things a man should never say to his wife

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What are the things that a husband should never say to his wife if he is to avoid disrupting their relationship? Here is what our readers had to say.

“Have you put on weight?”

Arpita Chipkar

“You are too sensitive. One must take life at face value”

Upasana Trivedi

“Do we have to talk about this, now?”

Shubhajyoti Sengupta

“Are you PMS-ing?”

Arushi Chaudhary

“Please don’t behave like one of those feminists”

Mariya Salim

 “Don’t think too much about it.”

Manisha Vaja

“How long will you take to get ready?

Shifa Maitra

“Can you ask mom how to do this? She is really good at it”

Prachi S Vaish

 “What do you need a store room for? How much stuff do you have?

Prachi Trivedi Shah

“Parenting tips…tum Baccho ko ye khilao. ..Waise padhoo. …yaha ghumaoo. ..Dude they are your kids too.”

Hashmita Khalsa Ahuja

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