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He’s perfect marriage material if he’s doing these 10 things

Your Mr. Right should be doing these things for you to make him a perfect marriage material.
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Marriage should be a rational decision

Let me ask this to you, yes you, the woman in love, how do you know if the person you are in love with is the right person to marry? I know what you are saying in your mind right now, ‘Because I love him, that’s why’. I’m not saying that you are getting it wrong – when we decide to marry a person, for the most part, it comes from the purest of pure gut feeling. It’s also about being with a man with whom love doesn’t feel like ‘falling in’ somewhere; instead he arranges a sliding pond for you to make sure you land safe.

And if he happens to do these 10 things then he is definitely a keeper and you should marry him ASAP.

1. If he knows your choice of breakfast by heart

Whether it is toasted bread and scrambled egg, poha and raita or puri-naan, he knows your choice by heart, even when it doesn’t match with his personal choice. He will cook it for you or get you one in the morning without showing any tantrum. It’s because he pays attention to what you like.

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2. If he makes time for you

No matter how busy he is, his calendar always has time for you. You are that important to him. He is not apprehensive of ditching the boy’s night out plan to spend some quality time with you.

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3. If he can sense your discomposure without asking

He pays attention to you that’s why he knows the signs you show when you are upset, sad, hurt or pissed at something or someone. He knows how to deal with your discomposure. He hugs you or stays mum (whichever works best for you), gives you time to settle down, tries to cheer you up and tells you no matter what is, it’s going to be okay.

4. If he can effortlessly make you crack up

He gets your sense of humour and can effortlessly lighten your mood. He likes to make you laugh and you love his insanity.

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5. If you two have super-hot love sex

Kinky sex is fun, no doubt about it, but if you two really make passionate love then you already know there is no better feeling in the world. With him it’s so much more than just having a steamy sex. It’s a way to make the emotional connection stronger.

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6. If he loves to listen to you talking about your passions

Having dreams and ambitions, outside of your relationship, is sexy. If he genuinely cares about your passion and wants to hear you talking about it, then he is a person you should most definitely marry.

7. If you share the same vision

A cynic and a visionary can’t make a good couple. Being in a serious relationship means you can talk about future plans, make amends whenever necessary and show willingness to fight together for it. If you two share the same idea about what your future will hold, then you are meant to make it happen together.

8. If he inspires you to chase your own #couplegoals

In this world of every couple trying to recreate the photogenic chemistry of celebrity couples,

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inspires you to look into the distinctive strength of your relationship and gives you the drive to make and chase your own #couplegoals. It could be anything right from travelling together to all parts (lesser known and almost unknown) of your native state or building a dog shelter house in memory of your old pooch.

9. If he admires your strengths

If a man is secure enough to admire and encourage your sense of independence and determination and respects you for your individuality, then you should try to get into his pants right away.

10. If his smell turns you on

If the natural smell of his body, sans any fancy perfume, turns you on every time you hug him, when you fall asleep on his chest, when he holds you from behind and breathes down your neck, then you know he is the one to marry. If the lingering smell from his shirt sprinkles a little bit of magic on your day, if his smell makes you feel safe and warm, then he is the Mr. Right the universe has sent for you.

If you are with this man, don’t let him go. Perfect marriage material guys are hard to find these days.

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  1. Wow!!! I guess I found my Mr Right. He has all these qualities. Not bragging haa (:P). I never noticed until I read these pointers, but yes, he knows me really well. And blessed to have him :). Will never let him go. Time for me to initiate things :D….

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