10 things to keep in mind while dating

Akhil Singh
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Dating a step through which we engage ourselves with a person and take ourselves to a next tangent of relationships. We come across love,vanity,fights,perilous situations, but when the two mates decide to ignore every single hindrance between their path and they select only a single road to travel that is the real result of dating. Let’s take a look at 10 things that you should always keep in mind while dating.

1-Choosing the understanding partner- It is not at all necessary that you will find your soul mate while roaming around in a market searching for milk. You should have that polemic power within your brain, that you should be able to identify not the perfect one one but the understanding one. If he/she does not sound perfect that is perfectly all right but if they are willing to understand the hidden person inside you and they are making you comfortable in any sort of sceptical situation than go for it.

2-Checking your compatibility- While dating try to escape your comfort zone and talk to him/her about all aspects of your life,future,planning etc.Never ever dominate your partner it is one of the most annihilating part in a relationship.You should give equal space to each other and set up a good coordination.

3-Accept the past and discuss about it- While discussing both the partners should try and listen to each other if there is any past incident which still clicks in your mind it is very important that both should discuss that because this is the most disturbing reason due to which the people are not able to give their 100%  in a relationship. 

4-Make them understand- They should never feel that they are lacking somewhere in a relationship,always appreciate your partner for every single so that they should start feeling that warmth from your side and this will take your relationship to a next level.Never ever say anything that makes them feel that they are worthless or they are not good enough for this duo.

5-Be expressive with your partner-If something is going on in your mind and it is haunting you badly like your future issues,jobs anything discuss it with them and then listen what they have to say on that particular issue and respect their opinion.

6-Stand for each other- Whenever your partner needs you be there,it should never look like you are taking things for granted and you are having a casual approach this can ruin your relationship.Always speak for them,never leave them alone.

7-Never pursue a judgmental approach-Give your relationship a free sky to fly so that your partner do not have to think twice while discussing any issue with you.First listen what they have to say and then think,an introspection is must after that console them with all your love.

8-Respect your partner-The most important pillar of a relationship is respect a line should always be there.You can talk extensively,go out,party,make things out but never forget that you have to respect your partner,it should always be there.Your talks and approach towards your partner should resemble how much you respect them.

9-Accepting your partner as it is-No relationship can work when we start thinking about the weak points and when the ideology of change starts capturing our mind,love them for who they are and never expect any sort of change.If you think something is required to change for their betterment make them understand with all your love,it should not look like they are having a negative side.

10-Determined about your future-You should look and stay confident and unswerving towards your future with your mate so that you guys set up a great compatibility with each other and start taking your future seriously and then you will be able to cover all the aspects of life.


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Ayushi Vaidya
Ayushi Vaidya August 17, 2017 - 2:14 pm

Acceptance. I think the most important aspect. Most of us plunge into judging. While a few of us try to understand and respect. Sometimes, these vital points while daring are completely overlooked!

Mallika Oberoi
Mallika Oberoi August 16, 2017 - 10:22 pm

Great points. Any relationship needs to be cherished and requires constant work.

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