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10 things your man should do before he can be called “Mr Right”

Some prerequisites for that ideal Mr Right
A good man as mr right

Need help trying to figure out a list of “What I want in a man…”? Look no further, we have some handy things to check off.

1. Wants to know everything about you; not just your body.

2. Ruins your lipstick, but never your mascara.

3. Will not mansplain your own feelings to you.

married life

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4. Can find the butter and eggs in the fridge without your help!

5. Will let you sleep in on weekends without banging cupboard doors.

6. Won’t ask you “Don’t you already own a dress/bag exactly like this?”

7. Suggests that you have a day out with your girlfriends every fortnight.

8. Appreciates your mother’s cooking.

9. Introduces you to people by your name and not as “my wife”.

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10. Uses the gifts you buy for him, even if they don’t fit.

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