10 times Arjun Rampal taught us to live life with swag

10 awesome quotes by Arjun Rampal.

From ruling the runway to set the silver screen on fire, Arjun Rampal has done it all and with so much innate swag. Here are 10 of his most amazing quotes that say so much about beauty, dreams, passion, love and never giving up.
Beauty over passion – “It’s not beauty. It’s not a brain. It’s passion”

Age has nothing to do with sex appeal – “Age doesn’t mean anything. It’s all in your head. Men get sexier with age. They also get wiser and get experienced”

Love above all – “For me, love is the number one emotion, and then comes everything else”

And attitude over style – “Your attitude is more important than stylish clothes. This comes from believing in yourself. This attitude can define your life.”

Taking care of yourself is the key to be desirable – “Everybody can be desirable if they can take care of themselves.”

Dreams and us – “It’s very difficult to follow our dreams, but it’s even more difficult to forget them.”

Here’s to winning – “I believe in the dictum, ‘never say never.’”

Keeping heart and mind in sync – “The heart shows you the direction in life. The mind exists only to execute your emotion.”

Set the goal and work for it – “The most important thing is to figure out your goal in life. If your intentions and methods are correct, there is no way you will not achieve it.”

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