10 times Virat and Anushka proved they are made for each other

We have loved them since always and we love them more now after the dreamy Tuscany wedding they had. The mush, eloquent style and their unwavering commitment to each other make the perfect couple goal for us to strive for. Here are the 10 times Virushka proved they are made for each other.

Whenever they come into one frame, there is no way the world can ignore the superb chemistry between them.

They lead their own fields and they are the biggest style icons of our time. They both know it and flaunt it the best way whenever they come together in front of the camera.

From cricket fields and reel world to the real-life, this power couple always has each other’s back and never back down from showing support for their significant other.

Crushing all the rumours of their breakups, they came back each time, proving that the best thing they know is how to make up.

It’s important to express love for each other. They know it and never shy away from doing it even when the paparazzi are there.

They are the kind of couple who likes to surprise each other and it’s one of the things we love most about their chemistry.

No matter how busy they get, they always make time for each other.

They are so different from each other, yet so much in love. They showed us time and again couples don’t need to have similarities to work it out.

They are young, they are career-oriented yet they give love equal importance.

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