10 times your pet was better than your partner

Aishwarya Bharadia
Akshay with dog

If you have ever been a dog owner, you already know that the ability to love unconditionally is not restricted to just us humans. Our four-legged counterparts are therapist, parent, best friend and biggest fan all rolled into one! Here is how:

1. They always know how to make you happy

2. They are interested in everything you are interested in

3.  They are very supportive of your couch potato habits

4. To them, you are perfect. They don’t let anyone yell at you

5. They are always happy when around you

6. You are their priority. They always put you before themselves

7. They can never get enough of you

8. They are fascinated by everything you say and do

Times like these, really make you think… “What if our dogs are our true soulmates, and human partners are just people to have fun with?”

Do you agree?

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1 comment

RA July 5, 2019 - 7:40 pm

Yes agree. In many cases inspite of taking marriage vows, many spouses have affairs or one night stands with third person while remaining in the marriage and enacting drama of love and loyalty at home.
At least pets eventhough have not taken any vows remains loyal and faithful and emotionally attached unlike cheaters in the marriage system.
It is always better to have and nurture a pet at home than leading a life with a cheater at home. At least you are sure you will not get cheated for sure.
Otherwise also, pet love is unconditional.

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