10 Ways To Redecorate Your Home

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How to decorate your home
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Are you looking to change things up and wondering how to decorate your home so that it looks modern, chic, and effortlessly beautiful? There are hundreds of ideas to decorate your room, but you need to filter them down to what you’re leaning toward and what would suit your home and reflect your taste the most.

Indeed, there is no place like home. And owning a home that reflects you and your personal taste is a dream come true. How great would it be if we could transform our existing rooms to look like a Pinterest gallery? Well, you can come close by putting in a little thought and effort into redecorating your home to make it more personalized and inviting.

10 Ways To Decorate Your Home Or Rooms

Minimal budget and a couple of days of work – that’s all you need to give your home a makeover and make it an extension of your personality. There is so much room to experiment in this area, but it’s best to not go overboard or make things too tacky. Remember, less is more. You need to prioritize what to decorate in your home depending on how long you’re going to be living there and budget accordingly.

To help you achieve that tasteful balance between sprucing up your living space and not making it look clutter, we’re giving you 10 tips on how to decorate home in low budget while still ensuring class and elegance:

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1. For the bookworm – A reading nook

If your most favorite world is inside books then your home needs a personalized reading nook. Pick your favorite spot, throw a pillow or two, arrange your book on a shelf or on the floor, add a couple of your favorite things like a showpiece or a plant, and you are done.

Some cool things to put in your room could be a long bookshelf, an exquisite lamp that changes color or a couple of bean bags to truly read in comfort.

2. For the home entertainer – A bar zone

If you love wines and spirits, some things to decorate your room with could be wall decor items, a nice bar cabinet, and some premium glassware. Just stock up and you’re all set to throw a party! Add quirky bottle holders or cork openers to add more character.

Displaying your large collection in a nice pantry or glass cabinet definitely adds a charm to your house, making it look rich and classy.

3. For the coffee lover – A coffee bar

Ways to decorate your room
If you’re a coffee addict, you need to set up a coffee bar at home

If you prefer coffee to alcohol, then you definitely need a coffee bar at home. Paint a chalkboard wall or use chalkboard wallpaper, add two shelves on it, buy a second-hand antique but sturdy table, place the espresso machine and other accessories as you like it, et voila, you have your own coffee bar at home!

4. For the travel junkie – A travel wall

Go as you like to make your own travel wall. Put the world map and fairy lights on, pin pictures of the places you have visited, and liven up a quaint corner of your home. Sticking postcards, badges, and posters from your travels are some things to decorate your room with. A scratch map is also a great decor item for the travel junkie.

Other cool things to put in your room could be glass jars filled with seashells that you’ve collected from beaches across the world or bottle caps that you have saved from drinks you’ve had in various bars and pubs during your travel adventures.

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5. For the artist – Draw a wall yourself

How to decorate your home on a low budget while still making it look cool and edgy? For the artist in you, there is nothing like displaying your work in the most creative way. Pick a central wall in the living room and paint it yourself to make it the highlight of your interior decor.

You can take any path you like- simple, monochrome colors that will give your room a minimalistic look, or go crazy with abstract designs that will stand out and become the main attraction of your house. The brush is in your hands!

6. For the plant lover – A cosy balcony

Redecorate your home by turning your balcony into a green adobe. Arrange your plant babies, throw a floor rug, a comfortable deck chair, coffee table, get your favorite book and a mug of coffee and watch the day go by.

If you have a pet, you can even make a little snooze corner for them in the sun. Think of it from your dog’s point of view– what a simple luxury you can provide them with! Add a bed, some water, and spend the rest of your day relaxing on your super chic green balcony.

7. For the DIY-er – A hula hoop chandelier

If you swear by DIY crafts, then the easiest way to personalize your home is to make a cool hula hoop chandelier. You can use tea lights or fairy lights to wrap the wreath. This is a funky design that will give your room the edge you’ve been looking for.

If you want to know the best ways to decorate your room while being on a low budget, DIY can save the day for you. Watch tutorials online on simple ways you can spice up your room, using things that are lying around your house, put on your creative hack, and get to work.

8. For the daydreamer – A string lights canopy bed

Cool things to put in your room
A string lights canopy bed to make a daydreaming corner

How about a space exclusively for daydreaming? It’s not too good to be true. You can easily create a string light canopy bed in a day. All you need is string lights and a bed! (And your imagination to run wild).

If you’re a romantic daydreamer, a little corner is one of the cool things to put in your room to make it seem unique. And when people visit, they’ll be shell-shocked by your creativity.

9. For the film buff – Filmy pillow covers

If you are a film or music buff, you could make your room look bright and aesthetic with posters of your favourite films, web series, shows or music albums, and use the merch that you’ve bought to spruce it up even more. It’s chic and totally filmy like you are!

You can even make a ‘music wall’ in your room and redecorate your home with some cool stickers of musicians and actors that have inspired you.

10. For the fashionista – A hanging branch jewellery display

Redecorate your home

If you live and breathe fashion, then you must have a hanging branch jewelry display in a living room corner or in your bedroom for the visitors to get a glimpse of your personal taste. Get a strong branch, hang it from the ceiling, get hooks and you are ready to showcase your collection!

We hope you find these tips on how to decorate your home on a small budget while still keeping it cool and classy useful. Follow your personal style and preference, and don’t worry about what others think. If every house tells a story your house should too, shouldn’t it?


1. Where do I start to decorate my house?

Start with your favourite corner in the house that you’re most excited to redecorate. It could be the living room, balcony, kitchen, or even your bathroom.

2. What is the most popular home decor style?

The most ‘in’ home decor styles right now are modern, contemporary, and minimalist.

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