10 ways to make your husband feel wanted

Here are some things you can try to make your man feel wanted. We promise they will work!

Help me please!

1. Sweetie, I can’t reach that top shelf, can you please hand me that shoebox at the back?

2. I can’t open this pickle bottle… Help!

3. Listen! I heard a noise. Do you think the front door is open?

I’m an abla naari

4. Eeeeeeek! There’s a twitching half-dead lizard on the floor, get it away from me now!

5. I’m not able to fasten the ties on the back of this fancy blouse… Could you tie them for me, please?

6. Darling, why is my phone not turning on?

You know everything!

7. Should I go to Andheri via Powai or the Western Express Highway? Which will be quicker at this time of day?

8. Do you think the portions they serve will be enough for six of us? Or should I order some more?

9. I had a bad dream… Can you just hold my hand until I fall asleep?

The way to his heart…

10. Baingan ka bharta and arbi ki subzi for lunch today. I hope you’re coming  home on time.

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Readers Comments On “10 ways to make your husband feel wanted”

  1. Sometimes, your independent streak could make your guy feel undesired, or even make him feel like he’s unwanted baggage in your life. Does this happen?

    If it does. these pointers are the way to go for!

    True ones!!!

  2. Hahahaha…wonderful! Appreciating the little thoughtful things they do for us – that’s the core right. Everyone loves a little compliment now an then, everyone likes to know that they are an important part of your life – men are no different i guess!

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