10 worst pick-up lines ever used

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We get to hear bad pick-up lines every other day, no matter how bad it makes our stomach churn. But that deadpan delivery of worst clichés and utter preposterousness is entertaining nonetheless. We have no idea why guys believe such pathetic pick-up lines could work on us, but they are relentless in their effort.

These pick-up lines are so bad, they are hilarious.

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1. Are you wearing a saree? Because you will be saree if you don’t go out with me

2. Wanna taste my kulfi?

3. Let’s have some majama in my pajama

4. When I see you, coochie coochie hota hain

5. I want my paani to be in your puri

6. You look like you could use some hot chocolate

7. If you like bananas, come with me because I’m akela

8. My life without you is like bhel without chutney

9. You are so hot you put the desi in desirable

10. I’m like dal and I will fill you up

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