11 Things Relatives Say When You’re In The Late 20s And Unmarried

If you are single and in your late 20s and unmarried….we are sure you have heard some of these comments.

To marry or not, is a personal choice, dear aunty! But alas, there is no way to shut them up when you are in your late 20s and still living your life free from husband issues (plus without a monster MIL hanging over your head). So whenever we meet at any family event there come these annoying relatives with the most irritating and often hilarious statements and questions about our relationship status. There is no point trying to reason with them.

Just because you are reaching the 30s and still unmarried, they think you are leading an irresponsible life and the only solution they have for that is marriage. They are more concerned about you passing your ‘marriageable age’ than you are. They are postponing inevitable death only to see the face of your unborn children. Ugh!

Since all your friends are married now, your own marriage should be your primary concern. Or so they think. And God forbid if you have a younger sibling! The relatives keep telling you that they are holding their breath to walk down the aisle only because you are not married yet.

Using some ancient socio-biological reasoning, they say that you must get married now because at your age they had 3 children already! In their mind you staying unmarried brings shame to the family and so they tell you to do somvar ka vrat to get a good husband.

They also think being gay is in fashion these days and so they are afraid you being unmarried is because of your sexual preference. When you have cleared their doubt, they say if you have chosen any girl and unable to make it work, they will go and talk to her. Duh!

If there is no one, the relatives always have some eligible and ‘marriageable’ girl in hand to tie your knots with. What a mess!

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