The Birthday Morning

Couple hugging

She had decided to stay at office for an extra hour after the meeting announcement. He noticed she wasn’t leaving and so decided to stick around for a while too. To ensure it didn’t become obvious to all others, he quietly exited office, bidding adieu to all before leaving for London. There were still a couple of other employees wrapping up their work, while she was at her desk trying hard to distract her mind from the fact that he was going to give her birthday amiss.

Sipping his coffee at the coffee shop right opposite the office exit, he had been waiting for over an hour now. Finally he saw the office gate open and the petite figure of the sombre and disappointed woman he loved dearly step out to take the lift down to the parking. He quickly moved, ensuring no one was watching and took the other lift. At the basement, he had already reached the spot where her car was parked. The lights were dim and the sun had set outside. He saw her approaching and quickly pulled her back towards the car boot area. She was shocked and taken aback! “What are you doing here? I thought you had left a long time back.”

‘I left office, but I cannot ever leave you” his voice was intense while he spoke, his eyes staring into hers. She tried to put up a forced smile. He held her face with both his hands and lifted her chin up to his face. “Hey, listen. I know I won’t be here for your birthday, but I promise to make up for it. Don’t be disheartened” and with this he softly brushed his lips against her forehead. She shut her eyes, tears dropping down now, unable to control the emotions anymore. He felt her moist skin and held her even closer to himself, holding her tight for what seemed like forever.

Two days had gone by. He had left for London and had been attending uninterrupted meetings with clients there. Due to the time difference, they had not been able to talk much and tonight was the eve of her birthday. Her friends had planned a midnight celebration at home, however nothing and nobody was able to change the low mood she was in for the past two days.

Midnight came and there was still no call. Maybe he was busy in a meeting, considering the time difference. Her friends got a beautiful cake, she spoke to her family and by one a.m she was ready for bed. The birthday that was supposed to be so special suddenly felt dim, dull and lifeless. With this thought she put her head down on her soft pillow and fell off to sleep.

At five in the morning, her phone rang and his name flashed on the screen. She jumped out of bed feeling lost as to where she was. Getting her head in place, she picked up his call restlessly. “Hello! Where have you been?”she asked quite breathlessly. “When are you back here.” He smiled and said, “Hey Hey Hey!! Quiet please, can I talk for a change.”

“I am sorry, yes, please talk now” she took a deep breath and waited for him to speak. “Firstly, Happy Birthday my love. I promise you today that I shall be with you in all good and not so good times. You shall remain my priority over everything and everyone in my life. My soul, my body and my heart are all yours and shall be until my last breath. You are my true love and no one can change this fact ever. All said and done, could you please step out of bed and open your door. It feels a little out of place to be standing here for the past 10 minutes or so.”

Her body began to tremble as she walked towards the door. She swung it open and there he was, with a big wide smile on his face. She ran to him and flung herself in his arms. She held him so tight, that he had to literally pull himself out of her embrace to be able to breathe. He entered the house and began to laugh uncontrollably while trying to put her down. “God, help me!! This is quite an attack for a petite girl like you”. Of a sudden she felt so embarrassed, yet joyful, that she began to smother him with kisses all over his face. He continued to laugh while exclaiming, “Someone save me please.” She pushed him away this time and stood there like a child who had just raided an icecream parlour and got caught red handed. “I am sorry. I guess I got too overwhelmed seeing you here.” “Hey ! Did you just say you are sorry? I didn’t wrap up all my work a day earlier with almost a dozen meetings non stop, then rush to the airport for an entire night flight and reach you here directly from the airport to hear you say you are sorry!” Come here birthday girl! And as she came closer, he pulled out a beautiful neckpiece from his pocket and put it around her neck while kissing her full on her lips at the same time. She touched it and rushed to see it in the mirror. It was a neat platinum string with her birthstone pendant. She was so touched that he cared to find out about it in just three days of them coming together.

“So my lady, get ready for the day ahead!! After office today, where we shall be together again, your prince charming which is me, shall come and pick you up at 8 pm sharp. And then I promise to make you experience the most beautiful night of your life”. She shied away for a moment and smiled when both of them moved slowly towards each other.

He held her by her back while she whispered into his ears, “I don’t know about the night, but this is without any doubt the best morning of my life.”


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