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12 Things every couple should do before getting married


Getting hitched is one the biggest life decisions you will ever make in your life; with the risk and unpredictability, there comes a box full of excitement and love bundle to spend with your partner. Taking a decision of spending your whole life with your partner can be risky as well as exciting; making the big commitment of forever can be scary and there are going to be people around you saying, “Maybe you got into things too quickly”.
So, here are the 12 things you should do with your lover before getting married.

1. Get comfortable: He should see you how you look when you wipe off all makeup before going to bed, and you should hear him taking the big burp when he is done finishing the whole pizza. The initial dates and early relationships include all the table manners and eating with a fork but before you get married, one should be comfortable with each other’s grossest habit from taking a big dump to scratching the armpit to picking the nose.

2. Have a fight: It is very important to see each other’s angry side and how you cope with it. Arguments can never be pleasant and it is important to have a fight that airs the relationship into more blooming side other than keeping up with the grudges or getting more aggressive.

3. Haaave you met the parents? You don’t marry the person but the whole family, getting to know your significant other’s family and mixing up with them is one big roller coaster ride. It is better to rule out any differences and shyness and move along with them, as they are going to be in your life for a long time.

4. Travel Together: He might like camping and adventuring trips, you like chic and planned trips. He backpacks the essentials and you plan 3 months ahead. It is very important to travel together and figure out how’s and why’s. On the other end, it can be a whole lot fun to travel and know about the person with whom you are going to spend your whole life with.

5. Money Matters: Money is the most important things when talking about marriage and spending life together. It is very important that the partner should know about each other’s finances and financial habit. From planning to debts; the partner should be aware of all the things.

6. Kids!! : Do you like kids? Don’t you like kids? Is adoption in cards, ever? How far the medical treatment will go if needed. The talk about kids and the difference in the opinion can cause a lot of trouble between a couple. So before you get married, it is very important to be on the same page when it comes to family planning.

7. Their friends: Friends are an integral part of life and it is very important to get along with your significant other’s friend circle. Your spouse should be comfortable with your friends and you should too.

8. Have sex: I know, I know- All eyes are rolling in anger but it is the most important thing to do before getting married. Knowing your partner sexually before getting married, knowing what they like and what they don’t like is much better rather than finding things after marriage and stressing over it. Marriage is much better when things are in “continue form” rather than starting afresh.

9. Name Game: Will you take his name or keeping it yours? Will you hyphenate? What about the kids’ name? Even though it’s 2017, and naming is not much of a concern but it is better to come with a clean table rather than with a bunch of doubts.

10. Get all the secrets out: Important, yet never practiced. It is better to let all the secrets be out between the two rather than starting your life with a bunch of marriage ruining secrets. No matter how hard the secret is if it is something that should be said- It should be said!

11. Where are you going to leave- Do you want to live in a city and experience the city life of concrete and amenities or spend somewhere near to nature. Couples often forget to discuss, “how’s” and “where’s”, while compromising at a certain level can be a solution but it is better to know your partner’s preferences.

12. Spend some time apart: Spending time solo can be a great way to test your relationship. It is a great way to find whether you miss them uncontrollably or stop them missing them after a while and found that it’s not love but lust. Spending time apart makes things clearer between the two. Just take a weekend off and see how that works for you?

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  1. All tips which you mentioned are really true.But its not possible to use n follow them for everyone.specially travelling together n having sex.But if we are going through this there will be better chance to choose your life partner.

  2. I love these photos and the tips are great I especially like the ones about editing! Thanks for sharing!
    Damn Incredible….Impressing Work!!!

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