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13 things we all DON’T do in bed and thus miss out on great sex

Here's a list of things to tell your man in bed if you want to have the best sex of your life
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When it comes to sex, get the best out of your man

It’s funny how men are expected to perform in bed, and yet most women don’t open up about what gives them maximum pleasure and what it is that they would rather do or not do or is a red zone for them inside a bedroom.

Remember, good sex is all about being honest and authentic and true intimacy is all about being vulnerable. Nothing is more seductive for a man than to have an honest, vulnerable woman next to him to make love to.

Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts to get the best out of your man.

1. Share your feelings

Share your feelings honestly to help him give you his best and get access to his vulnerable self.

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2. Let yourself loose

Do not be afraid of being judged for your looks or body (shape and weight) or your behaviour in bed. Let yourself loose.

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  1. Indeed a well written article. I convinced my partner to do all this and we started doing around an year ago. She is great at bed then and now, but it opens up our relationship. We are more into each other now. Its a bucket full of ideas for the people now.

  2. While one’s sex life might be great but then, yes there are things that we never talk about or we don’t seem to notice.

    Thank you so much for the piece. We actually need to take care of these things!

  3. Helpful and point to point article which will help many couples.
    Se x being a taboo in India yet explored and well informed by many women yet is not expressed.

    Thank you for the article

  4. I am happy for the article, atleast now understood why I was part of your life. For a season or a reason!

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