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15 cute things a girl does when she really loves you

These gestures come naturally, almost like an impulse when she really loves you.
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Women, contrary to popular belief, are not prime time bitches and are not just a tease. Not these generation women at least. They mean what they say. They do when they mean. For most, if women, it is all about the way they act around you. A little peak of jealousy, a colour change in her cheeks, holding her gaze with yours, being there for you always.

We, women, care. And we are not afraid to show it. We might not throw a parade to validate our feelings for you but we all do these things to put that smile on your face, often asking very little in return when we really love you.

‘Cause love is giving and forgiving. When a girl really loves you, she will show these signs.

1. Become your personal cheerleader of your weirdness

Whatever you find foolish and try to hide, she loves those things about you. And she is adamant about encouraging you to be you.

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2. Her silliness pops out in front of you

She lets down her hair, removes her make-up in front of you, and acts like a kid when she becomes impatient. She believes her true self is worth showing to you because you are important to her.

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3. Send you a flourish of cute texts

Often ‘Good morning’ to ‘Tell me about your day’, she makes you feel you are just a phone call away.

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4. Stands up for you

If you have the whole world against you and if this girl loves you, she will be the only one standing up for you. If someone hurls abuse at you, she will burst into “You watch your mouth” at them even before you have the chance to say anything.

5. Looks at you with puppy eyes

To get things done her way, she makes her oh-so-adorable puppy eyes at you to melt you. And it works.

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6. You get the stare when you dress up

She looks at you like you are the prettiest thing on the planet. She just stands there, not saying much other than “You look handsome”. The way she says it leaves you feeling loved.

7. Touches you

Not in a creepy way. She just randomly ruffles your hair, straightens your tie, and smoothens out the crumples on your shirt.

8. Hugs you

And she holds on to you tighter. She also touches your face after kissing and just looks at your eyes.

9. Leave gifts for you

Not extravagant ones, just a little note and a book that you liked. These are thoughtful gifts, maybe a framed copy of your favourite photo from your childhood. And these gifts always make you smile to yourself.

10. Apologizes

Many women have that ego thing going and they do not want to apologize even when they know they are wrong. If she really loves you, after a fight she comes up with “I have been a bitch. I am sorry” to make up with you. This means she really loves you and don’t want a stupid fight to ruin anything.

11. She asks for your opinion about clothing

Which is a big thing, considering women generally ask women for fashion advice. She asks even if you are not much of a fashion freak and makes you feel involved in all of her decisions.

12. Cooks for you

Or tries, at least. Even if she bakes a half-charred cake, she wants you to try it first. She wants to show you how much she is willing to do for you.

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13. Send you songs

The lyrics of the songs are exactly what she is feeling for you. If a woman sends you music, it is important to note the lyrics. If she loves you, the lyrics will say it all.

14. Drunk texts you

When her mind is all blurry and she cannot think straight, she thinks of you and leaves you messages filled with typos. And if you are just lucky enough, she might also say “I love you”, also filled with spelling errors.

15. Tells her BFF all about you

If a woman gushes about you to her BFF only, it means she doesn’t just like you. Her BFF is her confidante and telling her feelings about you is serious; which means she is serious about you.

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