15 tips on how to not get friend zoned

by Team Bonobology
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Dark side of the laws of attraction

If there is anything worse than facing outright rejection from the person you are hopelessly attracted to, it’s them friend zoning you. It’s the worse labyrinth of millennial relationships and hurts big time.

Nothing can be more heart-breaking than getting really close to your crush and making all the efforts (often too much) to let them know how much they mean to you (often too creepily) and getting friend zoned instead.

We have you covered. Make sure to follow these tips if you want to get your happily-ever-after instead of losing it and ending up in the zone of ‘but we are just friends’.

1. Don’t send your crush too many texts

Sending too many ‘good morning/ afternoon/ night’ texts or forwarding too many cheesy quotes don’t help.

2. Please don’t write a love poem/ song about them too soon

Whoever told you it is romantic didn’t know a thing about laws of attraction.

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3. Don’t act desperate to get into their pants

Showing too much excitement around them is a desperate cry to get laid and any adult can easily smell that.

4. Don’t be too available for them

Like doing photocopies of their class notes, picking up their dry cleaning, recharging their mobile data plan etc. Know your worth and show it.

5. Also, don’t stalk. Never!

No matter how lovesick you feel, don’t spy on them or set up ‘coincidental meetings’.

6. Don’t stare at them like a creep

Especially if you are a guy, don’t ogle at her like a moron. Please!

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 7. Don’t impose yourself

If they are busy chatting with someone from the opposite sex or going out with their friends, don’t try to push them away to make a room for yourself.

8. Stop saying ‘yes’ to everything they say/ ask

Did you know ‘No’ is sexy? Try it.

9. Learn to be a smooth-talker

Having a good conversational chemistry with your crush is important. Learn about their hobbies, favourite movies and books to have a good conversation.

10. Flirt away

Flirting is an art. Flirting is fun. Flirting is the best way to let your crush know that you are into them without being blunt.

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11. Use ‘touch’ to connect with them

But don’t be cocky and disrespectful about it. Lightly touch his hand when crossing the road, open the doors for her – they will feel the attention and it’s special.

12. Don’t act like a pushover

Acting submissive in front of your crush never helps. Don’t let him/her walk all over you. It won’t give them a chance to respect you.

13. Go out alone with them

Take them out without any of your friends around. Turn on your charm and drop hints that you like spending time with them.

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14. Compliment them

Use smart flattery and add a few funny, light-hearted sexual remarks. Boy or girl, everyone likes it.

15. Don’t force it

No matter how charming, attractive, smart and entertaining you are, not everyone is going to be attracted to you. Accept it and move on if nothing seems to work on your crush.

So that’s our list of not getting into the friend zone. We would love to know if you have more to add! Do let us know in the comments below.

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