4 girls reveal how it feels when a man goes down on you

August 2, 2023 |
It's a heaven;y feeling when a man goes down on you
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‘I was depressed, it was one of those days when nothing went right. My weighing scale too was also pointing at my highest weight ever. Even the long shower did not change my mood. I was cranky, irritated, and just wanted to lie down and be done with the day. That is when he quietly came in, pulled my nightie up, and went down on me. For those moments all negative thoughts left me and I was in heaven. A man going down on you can fix a lot of things in life you know. It is definitely one of our hot erogenous zones, though we have others too‘, She wrote to us!

What does it feel like when a guy goes down on you? It makes you feel cared for and cherished. He wants to make you happy and this is his way of showing that love. ‘My way of saying I love you to her is by going down on her’, one person said. Another said, ‘getting her off is what turns me on mentally and physically. The better it is for her the better it is for me.’ Another said, ‘watching her face writhing in pleasure turns me on too. I love going down on her, and my girl keeps clean down there too’.

Remember the scene in David Fincher’s Gone Girl where Amy Elliott-Dunne looks down to her future husband cradled between her legs, giving mind-blowing cunnilingus, as Amy tilts her head back from the edge of the bed, writhing in utmost pleasure? Men going down on their women is a sure sign of them being madly in love.

Oral sex for women is a lot more intimate

Cunnilingus is an art; the kind that many do NOT enjoy and definitely not the kind all can perform well.

While “going down” seems like a natural course of foreplay for men (and very easily executed, I may add), for women, it takes a whole lot of dedication and a whole lot of time, with right flicks of the tongue and a lot of finger work to finally make her go “yes yes yes”.

Yes, it is so much harder to turn a woman on and cunnilingus rightfully executed will keep her gasping for breath and holding on to the sheets. Unlike penetration sex, oral sex for women is a lot more intimate. With thoughts ranging from “Should, I have showered/washed it a few more times before he came over?” to “Yes, yes, just keep doing that”, a woman receiving cunnilingus is a head full of thought and a body raging with hormones. I have asked a few of my women friends and their responses were hilarious and to some extent harsh.

Women do remember these basic hygiene points

Men like it clean down there during sex as you expect the same from them.

  • Use plain, unperfumed soaps to wash the area gently around the vagina, especially before you are anticipating a session. Avoid perfumed soaps, as these can affect the healthy balance of bacteria and pH levels and cause irritation.
  • You can go for a bikini wax and have him enjoy the smooth softness. If not keep it well-trimmed.
  • These are some ways how you can keep yourself squeaky clean down there, tips for odourless vagina 
  • Consider probiotics. Probiotics, which are good-for-you bacteria, can help maintain the pH balance of your vagina leaving your vagina smelling good

What does it feel like when a guy goes down on you?

This is a question that I have asked a few women and the answer is always “mindblowing”. So here is how four women describe their experiences when a man went down on them.

1. All about the power play

“I guess it depends from one man to another. Like, the power play becomes important when it comes to understanding the experience. If the man’s trying to woo me, he will take the effort in finding the right spots. If the man knows that he is in some way superior in the power equation, chances are he won’t go down and it will just be penetrative sex. Having said that, the first times are always a little embarrassing because I’m actually offering my vagina for “consumption” (can’t find the right word). It’s so intimate and I’m always worried about how I smell down there. Also, unless the man is experienced, he will have difficulty manoeuvring his tongue and it’s quite uncomfortable then. But when a man goes down on you if he finds the right way then it is a pleasure all the way.”

All about power play
She understanding the experience

2. A see-saw act of desire

“…The first time a guy went down on me I went deep-sea diving, metaphorically momentarily… His hand on my stomach anchored me back down. The first time a guy went down on me, I was thankful. It was like finding a rare wildflower in the depth of a lonely forest. It’s not the orgasm that’s important. It’s the willingness of the other to go down just to take you to a high. A see-saw act of desire.”

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3. Giving time to set the pace

“At the beginning, I was a little confused. With time, the rhythm was set and she found the right places to hit and linger and the orgasm was massive. A man going down on me was a heady experience.”

A man going down
Heady experience

4. Powerful yet fragile

“It’s like this extended version of reality…and when the first flick of their tongue’s roughness runs over your clit…you want to talk and tell them that it feels good but your mouth is numb and dry and words just seem futile. You can feel yourself giving in, you can feel every inch of your body trembling with pure lust. This subtle heaviness starts to build up in the pit of your stomach and it grows like storm clouds. Holding on to sheets becomes mandatory because your body feels so weak and so euphoric all at the same time. The pit builds up and builds up till the time you climax and that is when you know this is the most empowering drug you can ever taste. You feel your body heat combine with theirs and your breathing is palpable. It’s the most gorgeously fragile experience you can have when a man goes down on you.”

What do women think when a man is going down on them

Ever wondered what women think or do when the man is down there? Here are some responses we got.

  • I was wondering what to do with my hands
  • I like to grope myself
  • I grab his hair gently and stroke it. This is my way of signalling whether I want him to be more intense or less
  • I hold the sheets tightly
  • I fantasize, relive  porn in my head

So, there you have it. Oral sex for women is not just physical participation but a deeply emotional one as well. It is an act of complete trust and physical intimacy at its pinnacle. It’s a mad, mad feeling when a man goes down on you they say. Be with someone who wants to go down on you. Be with someone who has the leisure of time and puts the effort to understand your desires and need. Here are the reasons why women can’t orgasm have your man read it. Remember it is seldom that a couple reaches orgasm simultaneously, that happens only in movies.

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  1. A real man loves to make his women happy by giving them oral, when you know what you are doing most woman can have between 5 to 20 orgasms depending on how relaxed she is. After giving the woman a break on the oral the penetration is usually much more intense and then it is back to oral for more orgasms.
    Being willing to please your partner more than you want to be please is the key.

  2. I can’t get enough of it. I love going down on my wife & even when she says she’s not really in the mood for it, I slowly start licking her body & before you know it, I am being grabbed by the back of my head, being pushed into her vagina. I know it gets her aroused, but I feel more aroused by doing it. If it was exceptable & we didn’t both have jobs, I would be down there all day. When she can’t take it anymore and doesn’t want to cum from it & we start having regular sex, when I cum in her, it is mind blowing for me.

  3. I too want to emulate Captain James T Kirk. To boldly go forth where no man has gone before! And explore the unchartered territories. Deep into the space 😉
    Yet, most indian women are terribly insecure about their vaginas. They prefer not to have even lights on while having sex. They are insecure that they may smell bad or not look appetising enough. Those who do shed their inhibitions and insecurities reap the dividends between their legs…. and ride on their partners strongest muscle into the land of untold pleasure.

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