4 reasons why women are undergoing renovation “Down There”

Shaina Nagpal
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Not just lifting your face

A lot of women across the globe have been gushing about and rushing towards vagina revamping procedures. Yes, you heard us right. Forget nose jobs and belly fat reduction, vagina lifts are all the rage these days.

Celebs who run reality TV (Kim K, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville and many more) are endorsing vaginoplasty for an array of reasons. We at Bonobology were curious as to what these reasons are that compel women to undergo reconstruction “downstairs”.

We connected with Cosmetic Gynaecologist Dr Riddhi Shukla*, who conducts such procedures. Yes, the wave has spread to India too.

Leaking faucets

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd shares her experience, post vaginal rejuvenation. Just like many women in their 40s, she had Stress Urinary Incontinence. This is a condition where movement or physical activities such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, etc. can put pressure on the bladder and cause urinary leakage. It is definitely an embarrassing condition. Vaginoplasty or laser vaginal rejuvenation helps mitigate this.

Some of the other reasons that have nothing to do with sex include tampons falling out, scar tissue surrounding the vagina, experiencing a “popping” sound during a yoga class or when walking, and problems passing bowel movements.

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Vagina and vanity

Labiaplasty is a procedure that removes excess skin from outside the vagina. This surgery is more cosmetic in nature. Many women opt for this even in their early 20s, with the pure intentions of having a ‘better looking’ vagina. Another treatment known as vaginal bleaching has hit a high.

An architect from Ahmedabad says, “I have always thought that I had excessive pigmentation in that area. I feel more confident now. It feels like I’ve got my underarms waxed for the first time, I feel less conscious.”

Fifty going on 16

“Hey, there’s a way to make your vagina look 16 again.” When your doctor says that to you, it may be a tempting offer. However, many women are under the impression that it’s like reliving your virginity. That is a myth. The plastic surgery or laser treatment can only act to tighten the muscles; it will not bring back your hymen.

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Bringing your sex life back from the dead and optimising your orgasm

Many women have been able to relate to Shikha Talsania’s (one of the protagonists in Veere di Wedding) confession about not having had sex in over a year because her vagina is “too loose” and “flabby” after having a child. This treatment does wonders for women who have tried every Kegel exercise in the world and are still sex deprived. We have gauged positive reactions from them and their partners after surgery.

A jeweller in Ahmedabad (mother of a 5-year-old child) who underwent this procedure commented, “My husband and I wanted to feel the way we felt on our wedding night.”Not just that, women are experiencing better orgasms.

So the question is, what extent would you go to, to achieve a better, bigger O?

Is it like an investment towards an enhanced sex life?

*Dr Riddhi Shukla is the only trained Cosmetic Gynaecologist in Gujarat and amongst the first five in India. She has trained from the European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, Austria. She runs a brand called Women Vitality and has recently established India’s first ever exclusive vulva clinic to address problems of the intimate area.

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