Struggles and Scars

4 signs that show you are in an abusive relationship

Abusive relationship

These were some insidious signs I missed in what I thought was an ordinary relationship.

I understood abuse as physical only and he never laid a finger on me! But…

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1. Control

He would try and control me, “You knew I would be free then! Why did you make that programme?”

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2. Isolation

He isolated me: “I do not like her hair colour. She is a freak. You should stay away from her.”

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3. Possessiveness

He was possessive: “Too deep-cut. Who are you getting influenced by, honey? You were not like this!”

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4. Name-calling

He would call me a bitch, slut, and would then apologise: “I was drunk, darling.”

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During a random browse, I saw these signs of abuse and realised I was undergoing it!

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I felt hurt, angry, very angry at myself.

Why could I not see it?

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There are these low level forms of abuse. We do not talk about it enough and very slowly they chip away our sense of self.

struggle and scars

Do you think you are in an abusive relationship? Check with our counsellor today.

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