4 surprising ways in which Meghan Markle is like Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana

prince harry and meghan markle

A few weeks ago the fifth in line to the British throne and the erstwhile playboy Prince Harry said goodbye to his wild days forever when he asked American actress Meghan Markle to marry him.

Yesterday there was a public announcement for the engagement. In their first post-engagement interview they talked about the gorgeous engagement ring. The ring has a big rock sourced from Botswana. Two smaller diamonds accompany the big one.

Prince Harry designed the ring himself, taking the smaller ones from her late mother Princess Diana’s jewellery collection to make sure his mother would be present in his crazy journey of love.

This was not the only time he talked about his mother in the interview. He also said his mother and Meghan would have been ‘thick as thieves’ and ‘best friends’.

It would make sense them being best friends, because, surprisingly, they are similar.

Surprising similarities between Meghan Markle and Princess Diana

Prince Harry
Prince Harry
    1. Meghan is an outsider in all senses. She is going to be the first American in the royal family since King Edward left his throne to marry an American. As another first, she is going to be the first non-white member of the British royal family. Diana was the conventional match for Prince Charles; white and belonging to a rich title holding British family. Yet all her married life she was considered an outsider, because she was first in many areas too. She became accessible to people and media like never before seen in the royal family. Diana worked extensively for various causes, not just by throwing charity balls as was the tradition but by physically visiting minefields in war torn countries. She was also one of the first celebrities to confess publicly about her depression and eating disorder because of her marital issues.
    1. Meghan is an American actress, known for her role as a paralegal in hit TV series Suits. She was and will be always in the public eye. Princess Diana, while not linked to show business, but because of her good looks and actions she immediately became the media darling, stealing the limelight from other members of the royal family. She was also scrutinised cruelly each day by the media. She made paparazzi a household term; they never left her alone till the moment she died.

    Anchoring Harry

    1. Between her marital issues, relationships and media circus one thing, Princess Diana never failed to do. That is spending quality time with her sons and giving them a normal childhood. Meghan is going to be a huge factor in keeping Prince Harry’s life normal, given their history till now, from open sky camping in Botswana and long walks in the country to proposing while making chicken roast at home. Harry was only 13 years old when he lost his mother. After a long time he has a female anchor in his life.
    1. Both Meghan and Princess Diana have worked for social causes alongside the UN. Diana was the first celebrity from UK to work among AIDS patients. She worked for other causes, including banning landmines. Meghan has worked extensively on gender issues among other things. After the engagement Meghan has announced her retirement from acting, but she will continue her work with the UN.

More than anyone else in the royal family, Meghan is most likely to carry forward the legacy of the people’s princess forward.

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