5 abusive relationships of Bollywood

Relationships seem to be a thing which both the partners cherish for a lifetime. But sometimes some relationships can turn out to be a nightmare. There are some abusive relationships in Bollywood you need to know about.

Here we list out a few famous Bollywood relationships which turned out to be disastrous

1. Salman Khan- Aishwarya Rai 

They have the most shocking abusive relationship in Bollywood. They apparently got into an argument after which Salman got violent with Aishwarya and her family had to file a complaint against Salman.

2. Aditya Pancholi- Kangana Ranaut

Kangana was dating the married actor, who in the initial days of the relationship was like a mentor to his girlfriend, but later turned out to be a beast. They were involved in a fierce fight in which both of them hit each other after which she filed an FIR against him. They are at the moment the most talked about Bollywood celebrities who were in an abusive relationship.<

3. Salman Khan – Somy Ali

The Bhai of Bollywood appears once again in the list where he was involved with Somy Ali. Somy was madly in love with Salman and only visited India to win him over but she could not handle his extreme temper tantrums.

4. Ranvir Shorey-Pooja Bhatt

They apparently dated each other back in the year 2000 when things could not fall into place for the duo. Ranvir had a physical fight with Pooja’s brother that led to a police complaint.

5. Sanjay Khan- Zeenat Aman

Their relationship was also similar to the others mentioned in the list. The Abdullah actors started off well but as time went by they started fighting with each other. Zeenat was hit by him at a party after which they parted ways. This abusive relationship in Bollywood went down in history because Zeenat’s eye was permanently damaged.

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