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5 amazing lines Konkona Sen Sharma uttered about relationships

Powerhouse actress Konkona Sen Sharma can infuse even the simplest of lines with meaning
Beautiful konkana sen

Konkana Sen Sharma is one of the most brilliant actresses of our time with many awards under her belt. She can make most simple lines most profound with her acting prowess. Let’s revisit a few such lines and meet her onscreen personas who have delivered the lines.

1.  Mr. and Mrs. Iyer (2002)                     

Meenakshi Iyer had always lived a protected life. Then one day she got caught in a crisis and needed co-passenger Raja for protection. But she ended up protecting him by pretending to be his wife. Soon it became more than just pretension. Away from both sides of families for the first time, she enjoyed a couple of carefree days with a stranger but a mate. Her final goodbye was a simple

Mr.and Mrs.Iyer

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  1. I absolutely admire Konkana for her sheer brilliance and the strong impressions she leaves with each of her roles. All her movie shows the thoughtful selection and a philosophy towards her acting that makes her remarkable.

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