5 Bollywood couples who give us fashion goals

These B-town celebrities are giving us serious #fashiongoals vibes.

1. Deepika and Ranveer:

Individually they don’t give a damn about wearing out of the box clothing (Remember Ranveer wearing a skirt in an event and pulling it off with such manliness and heat it put us girls to shame)? Now, remember Deepika looking drop-dead gorgeous all the freaking time?

Now put these two fashion beasts together and we have a fashion- boosted power couple that sets the ground they walk on, on fire.

Bollywood town is already going crazy over DeeVee (let’s call them that) and their mushy love story. And to top it all, their personal success rubs off on their fashion and we cannot stop gushing about that either. Whether they are redefining the urbane look or going retro, it’s almost inhuman how they set #fashiongoals for us mortals without even trying.

Ps: Also, whoever stated the colour pink is not for ‘men’, should check out Ranveer in a pink Adidas pullover.

Deepika and Ranveer laughing
Deepika and Ranveer

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2. Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor:

Shahid already had Mira’s back when the media was criticising her for getting married too early, for bearing a child too early. But have you seen them look refreshing every time they step out? Mira is not a part of Bollywood (technically) but she raises the bar for all the A-list actress out there with her bright looks and the evergreen smile. And her husband, needless to say, was an affectionate fashion star for the media.

Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor together
Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor

3. Kareena and Saif:

The Nawab family will obviously keep their fashion royally unparalleled.
The royal couple has won hearts with their inter-religious marriage which shows their love knows no bounds. And when it comes to fashion, you don’t to need to take a second look at them to realise the combination of chic-meets-classy look is a fashion statement of its own. Whether they are going traditional or look fetching in urban styled clothing, they set a benchmark for fashion goals.

Kareena and Saif together
Kareena and Saif

4. Alia and Siddharth:

Though they have been tight-lipped about their relationship, they spell out their romance in their cute little ways.

Alia and Siddharth in a shoot
Alia and Siddharth

Alia is this cute little Miss Sunshine with a golden voice. She is the Queen of chic town, she is the queen of Casual city. Take the instance when Alia rocked her alleged beau’s T-shirt when she attended SRK’s birthday bash. Siddharth has that bad boy charm and his physique makes him pants-on-fire kinda hot.
Together they keep their looks so out of the box but manage to raise the style quotient of B-town. If you haven’t already checked out them set fashion goals, do it now.

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5. Bipasha and Karan

Bipasha and Karan
Bipasha and Karan

Their wedding clips were magical, to say the least. From uploading their lovey-dovey selfies on Instagram to setting relationship goals. Bipasha is credited for experimenting with her style. On a dinner date, this couple proved once again why they are the fashion-packed couple. Karan kept it tapered with a black suit with Bipasha donning a floral print dress, giving us retro vibes.

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