5 men share why they love oral sex more

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Updated On: February 13, 2024
Why men loves oral sex
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Why men love oral sex?

If we want to throttle on the scientific jargons we can discuss at length about oral fixation, displacement, and fetishes. Whatever is happening to you now, whatever you are feeling is somehow related to what happened to you in your childhood as theorised by Freud. Yeah, we sure know that name, but consider this, Freud was a white European guy from late 19th century. So do not let his biased and old-fashioned ideas get you down when you seek pleasure in oral sex in this century.

Psychopathology of Everyday Life

Suman is in his late 40s. After a day’s work and all the accumulating stress of his age and responsibilities, sex seems like yet another task. He has been married for 12 years and has two kids. He is tired, always tired but his wife is five years younger than him. He confesses that he can no more match to his partner’s vigour and urge for sex.

In his own word, “I would rather have someone blow me while I read my magazine and sip my beer”. For him, he would rather be served than to participate. It does sound a bit selfish, doesn’t it? But maybe in this day and age, it can be excused. And we need to keep in mind, he keeps on grinding to literally put up a performance for his wife till date.

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The Future of an Illusion

Altaf is a self-proclaimed feminist who believes in equality in every phase of life and oral sex is important for him. For him oral sex is not a means to an end but a fulfilling act in itself. He considers it the best part of sex if given and received mutually. In his words, “Oral sex is the most democratic means of sexual intimacy when reciprocated. You would give as good as you get, no one gets to dominate the other.” Way to go man! Aligning your political belief even in your sex life shows a real strength of character.

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Totem and Taboo

Penetration is not the only form of sex, sometimes it’s not even an option. Arjun is an out and proud gay guy and to him arse hole is an exit only situation. He lied beyond the gay stereotypes of ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ and oral sex is the source of ultimate sexual pleasure for him. Both giving and receiving blow jobs brings Arjun to the crescendo of carnal pleasure. In his words, “Oral sex is the next best thing to masturbation, sometimes even better cause you can share it with a partner.”

Civilization and Its Discontents

Kishor is young, he was born in 2000. Like a true millennial, he has an opinion about everything. In his words, “If the clitoris is the pleasure center of the female sexual organ, then pounding the vagina with little old in-out, in-out makes sense only when you are trying to make babies” It must be said that his words give hope for the upcoming generations. More than actual penetration, he is interested in ‘eating the pussy’ as he sheepishly puts it. He says he’s grateful when his partner returns the favour. Kishor would be considered a virgin in a normative sense but his popularity among his girlfriends surely tells a different story.

Moses and Monotheism

Lalit is into women and also into men. As Woody Allen would say, he has more options on a Friday night. Once you step out of the normal, it’s a brave new world out there. He’s into experimentation and kink and oral sex plays a key role in his sexual spectrum. Whether he’s out with a girl or having a good time with a guy, oral sex plays a vital role that leads to ultimate pleasure.

Know why men loves oral sex

He says, he falls in love with their personalities, not their sexual organs. Everything changes for Lalit with each new experience. In his own words, “The pleasure I get from lips rimming my erection and tongue going up and down it, is the one constant pleasure in the immense diversity.”

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