5 messages we send to our ex when drunk

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We know and can differentiate between what is right and wrong, yet we fall into the trap of alcohol. Things get worse when we are holding our phones and drinking alcohol. It has happened to most of us. When we head to the club, we feel super about life, and when five-six vodka shots are in, the next minute we start cribbing and start sending drunk texts to no one else but our ex. Sounds familiar, right? The messages we send to our ex can be at times atrocious.

The messages we send to our ex after drinking

Logically, you know it’s not a good idea, but once you have had enough of your drink, you can’t wait to fire off a message to the last person who broke your heart.

Breakups can take a toll on your mind and body, and at that time, we resort to alcohol to relieve our pain.

So, if you have found yourself either sending or at the receiving end of a drunk text, you are not alone. Here is a collection of some messages we send to our ex when drunk. You would be able to relate to it and find it funny at the same time.

So, how many of you have drunk texted your ex and how many times?

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