5 Netflix series every couple should watch

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What could be better than snuggling up on the couch and watching some exciting series on Netflix with your partner? From thrilling dramas to rom-coms, there’s everything. There are several Netflix series every couple should watch together.

Whether discovering a new favourite or rewatching an all-time favourite show, there is a lot to enjoy over Netflix.

Netflix series every couple should watch

Some couples love the same kind of food, the same music, the same pizza toppings, but when it comes to movies and TV shows, they are different. But, don’t you worry Netflix has everything that your partner would love, and even you will love it at the same time. Watching shows on Netflix would surely get you spooning for hours and hours, and you won’t stop watching it. It can be a great Sunday bonding!

Don’t forget snacks

And before binge-watching on Netflix, be sure to stock up on snacks to get ready to go with your Netflix marathon. Once you get started on any of these shows, you are not going to get up any second, so stock up all your snack and ice-cream tubs.

So, here are some of the best Netflix series that you and your partner should watch together.


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