5 situations when MILs have sucked the life out of you

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Maya sarabhai

If you are married, you will relate to these.

Marriage comes with a bunch of challenges, but the most robust and most life-draining of all is about handling the Mother-in-Law aka the MIL. If you are one of that married woman for whom the bliss from marriage has gone for a toss, thanks to the sasu maa, then you sure can relate to these five most practically funny situations.

All your best efforts go unnoticed and in vain when she complains that in her time things used to be done differently.

In her view, all money spent on you is a complete wastage of resources, yet she happily spends the same amount of things for her that she doesn’t even need in the first place!

She likes to spoil your child with the same irrational pampering she showered her son with, and no, none of your logic seems rational to her.

Once you are married, going to dinner alone with her son involves you walking alone on the guilt road laid by the dear MIL.

And the complaints she has are never said directly to you. Instead, they’re discussed with the relatives!

The list goes on, but these five get on our nerves the most! Don’t you agree?

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