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5 things a couple can do after sex

What can you do after sex, apart from cuddling, spooning and snuggling?
Ayushman and yami

Sex is an important part of a couple’s relationship but the lovemaking doesn’t necessarily have to end in an orgasm.

Sex usually begins with foreplay and even though you might have had a great lovemaking session, snoozing off right after sex is not a great idea. Lovemaking takes a lot of energy for the both of you, but falling asleep right away is a big turnoff, if not insulting.

Scientifically, the brief moment after sex is crucial, because it brings you closer to your partner and strengthens the relationship.

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  1. Aaah if only! More often than not they just sleep don’t they? I guess engaging in such activities will definitely make the relationship stronger. Why, even the effect of sex might just linger on and last longer!

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