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5 things a happy couple does that others don’t


Ever seen a happy couple? Ever seen a couple who are so happy together that every other unhappy thing is nothing but a hurdle to overcome? A couple so happy that they exude a happy glow; their togetherness is proof itself that happy couples do exist.

Here is a list of ways in which happy couples behave.

1. Nothing but the truth

Nothing kills happiness more than secrecy. Of course, you are entitled to your privacy, but happy couples share all their dirty laundry with each other. In fact, there is no dirty laundry between them. There is no phone password not known to the other partner, no albums inaccessible, no dodgy stories – nothing is off the charts. Privacy means privacy – just not with each other. The happiest ones are only happy when dishonesty doesn’t have a place in the relationship.

talking couple
‘they share everything’ Image Source

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2. They talk about it

All couples have something to ‘talk about’ once in a while. Conversations about the fight you had this morning, acknowledging the fact that you do understand your partner’s point of view; disagree but don’t turn it into an argument. Happy couples do have fights, more often than you think, but they are willing to openly discuss than sweep things under the rug.

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3. They express through touches

couple discussing
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No, we’re not talking about sex.

A light peck before stepping out is expressing his love for you. A pat on the arm, a hug, a kiss on the forehead, light cupping of the cheeks – these are gestures and there is nothing sexual about it. Physical touching will involve cuddling, snuggling, hugging, light massages and holding hands. Non-sexual touches carry your affection to your partner and it doesn’t always have to be sexual. Happy couples do not shy away from necessary displays of affection.

touching necks
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4. No drifting eyes

Happy couples flirt with each other, not with others. Happy couples need no one to boost their egos or validate their feelings; they have each other to do that. Flirting with each other sparks up their relationship, and their secret is their exclusivity with each other. They have eyes for each other and no one else.

couple flirting
‘they flirt with each other’ Image Source

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5. They focus on the good parts of the relationship

In a happy relationship, both focus on the happy parts of the relationship. They are not out to seek revenge on one another. If something goes wrong, they focus on the good times, the good qualities of their partner rather than fixating on the bad part. If your partner has barbequed the chicken a little too much, acknowledge his hard work, compliment him on working in the heat for you. The happiest couples love the little efforts put in rather than focussing on the end game.

happy couple
‘focus on good parts’ Image Source

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