5 things that annoy wives!

Every wife knows how living with a man can sometime get on our nerves and make us scream inside our head ‘why God why’. Here are 5 such times when wives get most annoyed by the husbands. Check out the video to see if you can relate too!

When the wife is up for a conversation and the husband is too occupied with his phone or newspaper or fiddling with the TV remote to just talk like a normal human being.

The husbands function on convenient short-sightedness. They can’t see how the wet towel they have thrown on the bed is making a mess or how the shoes they had thrown in the middle of the living room can cause a hazard.

They are either function as a sloth or gets into the Terminator mode. No middle way.

When wife expects her husband to be a partner in life, sharing equal responsibilities of life and household matters, all she ends up getting at most is a helper. If that’s not annoying, we don’t know what is!

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