5 things to do with your partner to rekindle your love life

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Relationships are tricky business. The excitement, passion and anticipation that you felt towards your partner during the initial days of romance seem to fade away with time. With waning sexual mystery and rising concern over career, kids and money the love life goes for a toss. It doesn’t mean the love is lost. But with time we become inattentive towards our significant others and start taking things for granted. It’s a human flaw. Yet there are ways to fix it and rekindle the love life with your partner. Here’s how –

1. Plan a date night

If you haven’t done it in a while do it now! It’s not about spending a lot of money and going to a posh place every time – it’s the time you two will spend together like old flames in a new package that counts. Even a simple candle lit dinner in the patio works wonders! But you two must take turns in planning the dates and treat it like a #CoupleActivity that puts your relationship on top of your priority list. Because when you take out time from your schedule exclusively to spend time with your partner it shows you are being attentive to your better half.

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2. Try ‘Hotel sex’

The term ‘Hotel sex’ is self-explanatory. But it’s not just limited to sex in a hotel. It can be a motel, cottage, B&B – anywhere with enough privacy and away from the home you actually live. The biggest reason passion in a long-term relationship starts fading is because the sex between couples becomes an act of urge and no longer an act of excitement. To break free the monotony of your love making take out a weekend for each other, book a nice room outside the city, leave the kids and in-laws at home and hit the road together! Making love in a place that provides ample of privacy with little or no responsibility rekindles your sex life like no other way. Try different positions, take a hot bath together, watch television naked and simply enjoy each other’s company like old times.

3. Get groomed

People are visual creatures. We appreciate manicures, clear skin, well-fit clothes, nice shoes and it’s not just limited to women. Book a salon appointment for both of you and go for a nice spa. After the aroma of candles fills up your senses and your muscles are relaxed, followed by a hot shower, both of you will feel a lot more energized. Plus when our partners take good personal care, smells nice, has a glow on the face it recharges the passion we once felt for them.

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4. Listen more, criticise less

Do you remember how you could spend hours listening to your sweetheart when you began dating? As we become more complacent with time we pay less attention to what our partners have to say and tend to criticise their actions more. Once you start doing the opposite it reinstalls your partner’s admiration for you. So stop judging and pay more attention to what your partner has to say.

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5. Meditate!

The key reason of diminishing fire in your love-life is a by-product of your rising stress level and lowering span of focus. These two mind born ailments affects your sex drive, ability to hold a conversation without negativity and ultimately the health of your relationship. Meditation is the best possible way to fix what is going wrong with you to become the best version of yourself. Once your mind and health is balanced with focused breathing technique, you will be able to be more appreciative of your partner’s contribution in your life, have a more fulfilling sex life with increased vigour and that will rekindle your love-life in the most efficient and stable way.

What do you do to reignite the passion in your relationship? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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