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5 things you will relate to if your partner is a writer

Tired of the moody tantrums of a writer? This article will help you fall in love again.

No matter how romantic it might seem as an idea, dating or being married to a writer is not a cakewalk. A writer comes with a lot of so-called eccentricities that adds to their basic charm, but also gets exhausting to deal with on their bad writing days. And if your partner is a writer you know by now that bad writing days come every next day.

While there’s no denying of the fact that being with a writer is the most beautiful thing, it sure takes a lot of effort for a non-writer to cope with their quirks.

1.  You listen to a lot of ideas that never made into the paper

Some days your writer partner talks for an hour on a new story idea and how it’s going to change the world. At least until they check the internet and discover that it’s already been done over a thousand times. Yet you are always their first and favourite reader aka listening partner aka critic.


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2. The mood swings!

Then there are days when your writer partner feels completely drained to writing anything at all, or to live this bland life. They often can’t figure out which feeling is worse. But if you have been in the relationship long enough you know that this won’t last forever.

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3. The failures!

Learning to deal with the rejection emails is part of being a writer. Yet they feel that intense pain and world shattering ‘What if I’m not good enough?’ every time their pitch gets rejected. A professional and/or serious writer learns to develop a thick skin over time, still they want you to be by their side and remind them that ‘Gone with the Wind’ was rejected 38 times to boost some morale.

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4. Good writing days are fun

When they successfully meet the deadlines and feel satisfied with their work, writer partners are the most fun to be with. They will buy you flowers (no matter the gender), cook your favourite dinner and cuddle all evening on the couch. Treasure those days!

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5. They find poetry in you

For them, even your straight out of the bed look is poetic. The way you slouch, the way your breath smells in the morning, the way you fall asleep – your writer partner romanticizes everything about you. That’s just how their brain works. They love writing about you because writing is the best gift they could give to you.

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“I became a writer because of my wife” – Ashwin Sanghi

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