5 typical things a wife tells her man on Sundays

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning – birds chirping, wind blowing, kids are sleeping late, you are sipping warm green tea while catching up on Koffee With Karan and daydreaming about spending a wonderful weekend before the Monday blue hits you in less than 24 hours. But the man of the house is still asleep and you get a feeling that he is going to play spoil sport. What do you do? Go!

1. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up, it’s Sunday!

Of course you act like a nagging alarm clock on Sundays because the husband sleeps still noon. But the more times you ask him to get his bum off the bed he presses snooze and tells you “Baas 2 minute aur” and after 30 minutes he asks for two more minutes.

What you can do to make it done – How about waking him up with a mind-blowing, out-of-the-blue morning sex? He won’t be able to say no to an alarm that comes naked. And on the plus side, you get to start your Sunday on an awesome note with pumped up energy to make your mood brighter for the weekend.

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2. I want to do something fun today

I want to do something fun today
Instead of asking him to plan a fun Sunday you do it!

Your neighbour is going out for brunch, your friends are flooding Instagram with pictures from their weekend trips and you too want to have a good time. But since the husband is on Sunday-mode aka his lazy bones are super active today, you nag him to plan something fun for the day. However the success rate of being a nag in this context seems iffy.

What you can do to make it done – Instead of asking him to plan a fun Sunday you do it! The best way is to planning your Sunday activities ahead in the week, possibly by Friday. Give your husband a heads-up on the plan beforehand, but make sure that he gets good enough time on Sunday morning to catch up on sleeping and lazing around before you go out to do something fun. Win-win for both!

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3. Since we are not going out, can you fix the sink at least?

can you fix the sink at least
Ask him to fix the broken things around the house.

More often than not the idea of doing something interesting and fun on Sunday goes down the flush, so the best thing the man of the house can do instead of pissing you off even more with his lazy bones is to fix the broken things around the house.

What you can do to make it done – Give him an incentive for all the hard work he puts in to be the handyman of the house! Grab a bottle of beer for him before he puts the gears on, play some music and have a little chit-chat while he is doing the work and once its finished kiss him g-o-o-d so that he knows how much you appreciated his efforts.

4. Let’s go to the mall, husband!

Its past noon and you are certain the Sunday is turning out to be another lame weekend so you nag the man to take you to the shopping mall. Let’s do some shopping, watch a movie, have some ice cream and click a few selfies for Instagram, husband!

What you can do to make it done – Not many husbands like shopping or shopping malls for that matter, but every mall has a zone or two that is a ‘guy zone’. It could be the bowling parlour, Apple store or Burger King for the foodie – so make sure to visit his favourite place too to make the Sunday evening fun for him too.

5. I’m not making dinner tonight

Husband and wife lying on bed
I’m not making dinner tonight

A Sunday is when the wife puts her foot down and says no to cook. You want to go for a nice dinner to a nice place or at least, do Swiggy! But if the man of your house wants to eat daal chawal on a Sunday you have to put your nagging-wife hat back on.

What you can do to make it done – If the husband is not in a mood to go out for dinner and want only ghar ka khana, make cooking fun. Cook something super easy and special, like Mac n Cheese, and ask him to help you in the kitchen. When the dish goes into the oven put the kitchen floor to some better use and let the husband fill you up. Wink!

What else do you nag about to your husband on Sundays? Share it in the comments below.


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